The University explores and exemplifies all aspects of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
 David Brower

UBC recognizes that to meet society’s needs without compromising those of future generations requires the best efforts of the brightest minds in every field—ecological, economic, and social.

Already a global sustainability leader, the University builds its international reputation by taking the lead at home: in Vancouver and the Okanagan, UBC links academic, research, and operational sustainability to become a living laboratory.

Prudent with financial resources and mindful of its mandate to society, UBC supports those initiatives that will ensure the long-term resilience of the University and its ability to serve for generations to come.

The University creates cost-neutral ways to include sustainability teaching and learning in and across all disciplines, and encourages students, staff, and faculty to carry daily sustainability practices out beyond the gates.

In class, in campus plans, in community development, and in partnerships both local and global, UBC exemplifies the hope that we can leave behind us a world worthy of our children.


  • Strengthen the strategic and financial planning culture at the faculty and unit level
  • Provide a solid financial foundation for long-term success through continuous improvement and active revenue management.


  • A balanced budget was achieved and all faculties developed 10-year financial plans
  • A paperless financial services system was piloted with a partial administrative rollout being implemented
  • The Okanagan campus reorganized its Finance and Operations portfolio to increase financial planning capacity and strengthen intra- and inter-campus linkages among operation departments


  • Demonstrate leading edge solutions by deploying innovative technologies and testing social acceptance; and by leveraging the municipal size of the campus and of UTown@UBC
  • Make UBC an agent of change through innovation, integration, demonstration and inspiration


  • Six Campus as a Living Lab projects were active and garnered a total capital investment of $81M. UBC’s investment in these projects was leveraged with $60M provided by the project partners, provincial and federal governments and non-profit agencies.
  • Three pilot Campus as a Living Lab projects were developed on the Okanagan campus. The focus of completed and ongoing Campus as a Living Lab projects includes green roof performance, ecological landscaping and campus water systems.


  • Meet the social needs of faculty, staff and students, from local and affordable housing, to childcare and transportation.
  • Expand the vibrant, sustainable and affordable U-Town@UBC Community
  • Physically deliver “Place of Mind” throughout the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses by weaving outstanding academic and cultural infrastructure into an inviting and inspiring public realm


  • A childcare strategy to expand the number of spaces on campus is underway; currently there are 573 University managed spaces with an additional 64 planned by fall 2016
  • Other child care providers operate 160 spaces on campus; an additional 73 spaces are planned with the addition of the University Neighbourhood Association  spaces through EC4 (Vista Point in East Campus) and the Wesbrook Community Centre
  • The new Hangar fitness facility was completed at UBC Okanagan’s campus. The facility, built to LEED Gold equivalent standard and crafted primarily with locally sourced beetle-kill wood, is connected to the campus Geo-Exchange District Energy system
  • The UBC Wellbeing Project was launched at the Okanagan campus