Full List of Performance Measures

Aboriginal Access Studies

Aboriginal Students – Number and Percentage

Academic Institutional Floor Space

Campus Climate for Diversity

Campus Student Involvement Activity

Childcare Services

Clear Communication

Community Service Learning

Contactable Alumni

Courses with Significant Aboriginal Content

Courses Offered in Aboriginal Communities

Credit Rating

Cultural Appreciation and Social Awareness

Cumulative Spin-offs

Debt Service Ratios

Development of Scholarship

Endowment Earnings

Engaged Alumni

External Contracts and Agreements

Faculty & Staff Housing

Faculty and Staff Voluntary Turnover

Federal Scholarships

Formal Strategic Partnerships

Fourth Year Participation in International Learning

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Health & Wellbeing

Indigenous Tenure Track Faculty

Intercultural Understanding Scale

International Alumni

International Delegations

International Learning

International Service Participation

International Students

International Rankings

Lifelong Learning

Living Laboratory

Long-Term Disability Incidence Trend

New Intellectual Properties

Partnerships for Action

Publications with International Co-authors

Responses to Workforce Experiences Survey 1

Responses to the Workforce Experiences Survey 2

Satisfaction with Advising

Satisfaction with the Quality of the Educational Experience

Scholarly Outputs (Bibliometrics)

Scholarly Prizes and Awards

Self-Assessment of Critical Thinking and Communication

Sense of Belonging & Satisfaction

Spaces for Engagement

Staff Pension Plan Going  Concern Basis Funded Ratio

Student Beds

Students with Disabilities Supported

Student Mobility/International Exchange

Supporting Student Transitions

Teaching, Learning and Research

Total Research Funding

Trips by Transit