The UBC Rx on DNA

The UBC Rx on DNA

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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The Pharmaceutical Sciences Sequencing Centre (PSSC) officially opened on April 26, and can do in a day (and for a mere $10,000) what the Human Genome Project took years and $13 billion to achieve – sequence any human genome. The new field of pharmacogenomics is based on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and now thanks to the efforts of former UBC Pharmaceutical Dean Robert Sindelar and Drs. Ron Reid and Wayne Riggs – that generation is here.

The PSSC is ‘just one node in the greater UBC sequencing ecosystem’ as UBC forms mutually beneficial partnerships with medical facilities, industry and patients across BC and beyond. For example: the new lab partnership with Mt. Sinai Medical Centre and; funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Compute Canada Calcul WestGrid for data storage.

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Associate Professor at UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences, Corey Nislow.




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