Slamming the Truths

Alumnus and slam poet Johnny MacRae appeared at Imagine Day and delivered his take on ‘It’s just a piece of paper’ and how “something seemingly as useless as a piece of paper” – riffing on the diplomas that await the student audience – can change their lives. But if the changes are to happen, the listeners must couple the education found within the campus, with the experiences in life that are found outside the halls: “By the time I graduated, I learned the value of my degree came not from the words on the paper but how I learned to play with them.” Tuum Est so get out there, start playing, keep playing and do what you’ve learned to love.

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Johnny MacRae, BA’11, was the guest speaker at Imagine Day 2013. Photo credit: Doh Erhardt


Students celebrate after the pep rally. Photo credit: Don Erhardt

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